Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Crochet Giraffe

This year, my husband and I are participating in a Secret Santa over on Imgur. If you don't know it, it's a social image sharing website whose mascot is a giraffe with a monocle and top hat. Unsurprisingly, he looks rather like the one I've crocheted here! I made this one to go to our Secret Santa recipient...

This giraffe was made using double knitting wool and a 2mm hook, following the Yoga Giraffe pattern on Ravelry. Although, I stitched the markings directly to the body rather than crocheting discs, I added some extra details, and winged a top hat!

I also added a monocle using a disk of acetate and some gold thread. He has a couple of extra stitches in front of his eye which the monocle rests on to stay in place.

He has a fully wired skeleton, which means he can bend. A lot.

And the top hat is removable to show off his beautiful ossicones (that's the fancy word for a giraffe's horns). When I first started this giraffe, I was thinking about a whole army of them. But this pattern is so tiny and fiddly, I may need some time to forget it's difficulties before I return to it!

Monday, 11 December 2017

LOTV James the Bear Christmas Cards

And so my obsession with Lily of the Valley continues. I bought these Merry Beary Christmas card toppers for my Christmas cards this year. I just fell in love with James the Bear, he is SO gorgeous. I realised a flaw though - I'm sending these to hang in other people's houses, but I want some beary goodness in our house! I will have to see if I can make some Christmas decs. Maybe bunting?!

I spent a while trawling the internet for free printable papers, specifically red and Christmassy. I found lots, and printed my few favourites out to pair up as appropriate. (A Google search will lead you to plenty!) I've organised all my free printable papers on my computer now, so I can search for what I want by colour/texture/theme - really useful!

I also pulled some cream card and various different gold cards from my stash. Confession: I used to really dislike the colour gold, but this year I've really come round to it. I think I even like it.

And of course, it's me, so the cards needed some extra sparkle! The top card, with the yellow star, got some pearly paint. Most of the cards got Stickles glitter on the furry trim and pom pom of the hat - so cute! And this little one above got lots of red glitter all over his tinsel.

Oh, and I mounted the James the Bear toppers with 3D foam, just so he stood out a little bit more. Doesn't he look cute all wrapped up in the snow?

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Colouring: LOTV Bunny Stocking

I love all the freebies being given away as part of Advent Calendars this December! This freebie came via a group called Kit and Clowder on Facebook. Behind the door of their Advent Calendar yesterday was this gorgeous stamp by Lily of the Valley (who you may have noticed I have been slightly obsessed with lately!) and I just had to colour it in right away. I used my ancient WHSmith pencils because they've got much softer leads than their newer pencils. I used white acrylic paint to add some fluff to the stocking and pom poms, as well as Liquid Pearls White Opal on the stocking trim and a Stickles glitter glue on the pom poms! They look so cute :)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Purple Butterfly Card

Yikes. I made this card so many months ago that I barely remember anything about it! Saying that, blog posts for my cards are never the most exciting, but I do like to use this little blog to have all the cards I make in one place. The butterfly stamp and flower embossing folder came from someone who was destashing - I believe they were originally free with a magazine! They're very pretty :)

What I do remember, is who this card was for. A wonderful girl who fought chronic illnesses until her last minute on earth. <3 br="">

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